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zee answers 1 question for YOU!

zee answers 1 question for YOU!

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Hello! If you have been linked this page, you have likely messaged Zee or you are considering messaging Zee.

Zee gets a lot of DMs and cannot keep up with the demand!

Zee has tendonitis from typing and drawing. This is a repetitive strain injury. In order to heal it and prevent it from reoccurring she can only use her hand so much in a day. There's also not enough time to answer all the comments she gets! Because of this:


  • If this is a business inquiry (Sponsorship, Convention Guest Inquiry, Collaboration, etc) - Please see Zee's CONTACT PAGE or her CONVENTION GUEST APPLICATION PAGE.

If you would like a question answered, Zee now charges a small fee for a guaranteed and thorough reply.

  • One question per purchase, please.

Were You Looking for a More Casual Chat?

  • Zee streams on Twitch once or twice a month!
  • Please catch Zee there, she's pretty good at keeping up with the chat!
  • Chat is 18+. Zee is NOT comfortable chatting with minors on the internet.

Things Zee Will Answer Here:

  • Questions about specific videos Zee has made.
  • "Why did you say ______ in this video?"
  • Questions about Zee's life in fandom - being a furry/cosplayer.
  • "How did you find the furry fandom"
  • "Where did you get your fursuit?"
  • "How much was your fursuit?"
  • "How much should I expect to spend on a fursuit myself?"
  • Advice on things Zee is pretty good at.
  • Like... making videos!
  • How to make cute stickers.
  • How Zee draws her artwork.
  • How Zee keeps coming up with fun ideas to work on...
  • And so on!

Things Zee Will NOT Answer Here:

  • Deeply personal or medically related questions.
  • "Where do you live?"
  • "Can you look at my broken leg?"
  • Life-path related advice. Zee is not a therapist.
  • "Should I be a furry?"
  • "Is ___ a good con?"
  • What conventions are you going to this year?
  • (Zee doesn't even know the answer!)
  • If you ask something Zee is not comfortable with answering you will be refunded.

Has She Already Answered Your Question?

She has made several F.A.Q. videos available on her channel:

Did you not find the answer to your question and want to purchase a reply?

How To Get Your Question Answered:

  1. Write your question in the box below.
  2. Purchase this product.
  3. Zee will reply with the answer to the email you provided within 14 days.

Thank you!

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shipping is usually on wednesdays unless i'm away that week! check twitter for details

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