zee: the big purple raccoon lady!!

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zee the raccoon stickers!

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stickers are 3 for $12 CAD.

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freebies by zee the raccoon!

i have made several helpful templates, and they are free to download here.

prints by zee the raccoon! 8.5 x 11 inches

artwork and photography by zee the raccoon! printed on nice paper, just for you!

zines by zee the raccoon!

a zine is a self-published small-batch booklet or magazine.
i love making zines! the majority of my zines are stories about myself or my family.
i document the way i am feeling strongly about stuff in my life - good or bad!!

minizines by zee the raccoon!

a minizine is a tiny zine! printed on one sheet of paper, there are 8 "pages" to the zine.
if you catch zee at a zine show, she LOVES trading minizines!! so trade minis with her!!